Adorable Big/Little Reveal Ideas

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Image Courtesy HerCampus University of Maryland

One of my greatest college memories was my sorority’s big/little reveal. It was so exciting to finally know who my big was! My pledge class gathered in our lodge’s living room to find an item that had our name on it. Then, we all went into the chapter room to match our item to our new big! Regardless of whether your big/little reveal is organized as an event or done individually, there are easy ways to make your reveal memorable. Here are some of the best big/little reveal ideas I’ve come across through friends and online (another point for Pinterest) that I’d like to share.

Be Her Gift


Images Courtesy Sorority Sugar

I cannot describe how adorable it is when a big pops out of a large box to surprise her little! You can write your new little’s name directly on the box, on an oversized tag attached to the box, or on a separate oversized tag that she can then match to her box. Themes are limitless: you can stick with traditional present decoration, a unique theme for your family, or anything at all that you and your new little enjoy!

Family Letter Shirts


Images Courtesy Sorority Sugar

Many of my friends have unique letter shirts that they make specifically for their sorority family. For example, my family’s shirt is a black v-neck with our sorority letters in Batman logo print; my sorority family now gives our new members their own Batman shirt at big/little reveal to welcome them to the family. Along with being a gift your little can wear for years to come, shirts can also be an easy way for your new little to find your family in a crowd if your big/little reveal takes place with your whole chapter present.

Cardboard Cut-Outs


Images Courtesy Phi Mu JMU, Sorority Sugar

I’ve seen this theme in so many varieties since it’s so easy to do: get a large piece of cardboard or posterboard and cut a heart out of it. Then, cut another shape out of the heart like a key or one of your sorority’s symbols. Your new little can then find the symbol and match it to the cut-out in your heart. I love this idea because it’s both easy and meaningful. Your little can keep her cut-out and use it to decorate her room and remind her of her big/little reveal.

Balloon in a Box

Image Courtesy On Hand Modem

While browsing Pinterest I saw this adorable note-delivering idea. Take a simple cardboard box (feel free to decorate it for your new little!) and secure all sides except the top. Inflate a balloon with helium and at the bottom attach a note and something small to weigh the balloon down. On the note you can tell your little where to find you. Next, place the balloon and note inside the box and lightly secure the lid so it’s easy to open. Have a friend deliver it to your little and wait for her to find you! You can also include gifts, confetti, or anything else you’d like inside the box.

These are only a few of the countless ideas bigs can use during revelation. What did you do for your big/little reveal?

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