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Topics to Avoid During Sorority Recruitment

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Sorority recruitment should be a positive experience for both sisters and PNMs.  Conversations are meant to help you get to know one another and shouldn't make anyone feel uncomfortable.  Here's a short list of conversation topics to avoid for the best recruitment experience possible.

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Questions to Ask Sorority Members During Recruitment

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Rushees - don't know what to talk about with sorority members during rush?  Check out this list of questions to help guide your conversations and avoid any awkwardness during recruitment rounds.  Remember, these can be used as ideas for what to talk about - make sure not to grill the sister you’re talking to!


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Adorable Big/Little Reveal Ideas

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Image Courtesy HerCampus University of Maryland

One of my greatest college memories was my sorority’s big/little reveal. It was so exciting to finally know who my big was! My pledge class gathered in our lodge’s living room to find an item that had our name on it. Then, we all went into the chapter room to match our item to our new big! Regardless of whether your big/little reveal is organized as an event or done individually, there are easy ways to make your reveal memorable. Here are some of the best big/little reveal ideas I’ve come across through friends and online (another point for Pinterest) that I’d like to share.

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Our Hearts Go Out to Isla Vista

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Two women of the UCSB chapter of Delta Delta Delta were lost and one sister injured in last Friday's Isla Vista shooting that has shaken Greek members, college students, and parents alike.

To honor those lost and injured in this tragedy, The Lettered Company will donate $4 per piece of jewelry sold between now and June 7th, 2014, to the families of those Delta Delta Delta sorority women to help cover funeral and hospital costs.  Although we cannot bring back those who have been lost, we can unite in support for all those affected by this tragedy.

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Keeping in Touch with Your Sorority Sisters Over the Summer

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As the college year winds down, many sorority sisters find themselves spending the summer in different cities than their closest friends.  Whether you're heading home, taking summer classes, traveling, or working in an internship, it can be difficult to keep in touch with your sorority sisters between semesters.  Here are some great ways to keep in touch with your sisters no matter what they're up to this summer.

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