Lettered Rep Program

We're looking for fun, outgoing, and friendly college students to become campus representatives for our sorority jewelry collection!

About The Lettered Company

Founded by a sorority alumna, The Lettered Company offers quality sorority jewelry at an affordable price.  We are dedicated to providing unique and personal sorority jewelry items that will become and important part of your sorority tradition.  All items are designed with care and attention to detail and with the input of sorority women worldwide.  We are always open to group orders and custom group design requests.  We're not limited to the letters currently featured on the website!

About the Lettered Rep Program

The Lettered Rep Program is an amazing opportunity for current college students to gain experience in sales and marketing.  The main goals of a Lettered Rep are to raise brand awareness and drive both individual and chapter sales to The Lettered Company's website.


Lettered Reps receive a percentage of every online individual and group order they organize.

Additional Benefits

High potential for earnings
Great experience and resume builder
Flexible schedule
Free piece of jewelry each month of program
10% discount on any personal purchase

Want to Apply?

Send your resume, the answers to the following questions, and a brief cover letter to campusreps@letteredco.com.

1. First and Last Name
2. Email Address
3. Are you currently enrolled in a college or university?  If so, which?
4. Are you a member of a sorority or other Greek organization?  If so, which?
5. What is your expected graduation date? (Month, Year)
6. If in a sorority or other Greek organization, which position(s) do you hold?
7. What are your other campus activities?
8. Do you hold any position in other campus organizations?
9. Do you have any other relevant experience?
10. Are you a Campus Representative for any other company?
11. Are you active on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest?  How many followers do you have?